A few weeks ago, I met with Jemma and Kelly at Morpeth for their engagement session!
We started the afternoon at the Commercial Hotel, where we chatted about their wedding plans for later this year.
Jemma is a Graphic Designer, and Kelly an architect - so this wedding is seriously going to be a match made in design heaven!
It was so lovely listening to Jemma & Kelly talk about how so many special touches for the day are being handmade by their families.  That's what it's all about!


While walking down the main street of Morpeth, we stopped into Campbell's Store, only to discover an exhibition dedicated to Harry Potter. Jemma called out to me, to come and have a look.
We were both speechless. . . . . It only seemed appropriate that we all get sorted by the Sorting Hat. 

In the lead up to Kelly being sorted, he was convincing us that he would definitely be a Gryffindor, because he has red hair. . . the Sorting Hat had other ideas.

...This was the reaction when he was sorted in Slytherin!


After that was settled, we continued on our way down the main street and onto the lucerne paddocks for some frolicking in the afternoon light!


I had the best time with Jemma and Kelly and I am so excited for their wedding later this year. It will be an absolute blast!

Mel x


Jemma & Kelly's kind words:

"We just wanted to thank you so much for the day. Kelly and I had so much fun and it has definitely been a highlight of our relationship. It was so nice to capture what we have by someone we really feel comfortable with. You were awesome! I can't wait for our day knowing you will be there to capture it all for us, I have so much love for what you do and so excited to see all the photos!"