I'm sitting here thinking about what an amazing ride this year has been.

Thousands of kilometres travelled (often with a baby in tow!) A rebrand, over 15,000 images delivered, and hundreds of new friends made.
I've travelled to home towns, seen the most tender, emotional, gut wrenching moments and shed a tear or two. I've seen epic dance floors, dogs walked down the aisle, the most scrumptious homemade cakes, arbours made by handy Dads,  and the community spirit of small towns.

I’ve climbed over fences, ran through paddocks (dodging horse manure) explored pine forests, and been chased by a bull. I have been invited to tell the most special stories for people I can now call my friends.

What an incredibly humbling, exciting, scary, life changing year. At the risk of sounding cliche, I really do pinch myself every time I am driving home from a wedding, that these amazing people have trusted me to tell the story of  one of the biggest days of their life. 

Thank you - all of you - for not just treating me like a vendor or supplier, or like a working stranger with a camera.  My couples have made me feel like part of their family, offering food, drinks, a place to sleep, to stay back and to party on with them into the night. I never expect this, but I think it is a true reflection of how big their hearts are and how beautiful they are. I am so incredibly grateful. 

I've put together a few of my favourite images. Not necessarily the big epic shots - more so the moments I have fond memories of.  Moments and images that made me swoon, laugh, cry, swallow a lump in my throat, and just memories I will never forget.


Some kind words from my beautiful friends


"Mel was our photographer for our wedding recently and she is just amazing. So talented, professional and just a warm, lovely person. She made everyone feel so relaxed and comfortable and always made sure we were happy with what she was doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Mel."

- Kalinda & Brock


"HOLY BALONEY! Mel is one of a kind!

Her photos are amazing... as anyone could see looking through her photos... but it is who she is as a person which is the real decider!Mel, my husband and I have hit it off from day one. She is personable, relaxed, funny, energetic, thorough, attentive, silly, happy, curious, smart and full of great ideas!

She makes you feel so comfortable, makes you laugh and brings out the true personalities and relationships with a click of a button!She was and still is the talk of the town from our wedding. She has captured the true essence of every being at our wedding... and I haven't even seen all the photos yet!!

Not only is she a big fan of photography... she would give you a whirl on her love for Harry Potter as well. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY X SQUARED X A MILLION CHOOSE MEL FOR YOU PRECIOUS DAY.... YOU DON'T GET MANY SPECIAL HUMANS LIKE HER! xx"

- Jemma & Kelly


"Words aren't enough to even begin to describe how amazingly talented Mel is. Our engagement photos & wedding photos are breathtaking, and every single person who has had the pleasure of seeing them has been gobsmacked. The difference between a good photographer and an amazing photographer isn't just the photos, it's the experience, the communication, how they make you feel on your wedding day, the finishes, the final delivery product and every one of these Mel absolutely ticks the boxes for. HIGHLY recommended!! You made our wedding complete, will never be able to thank you enough"

- Elly & Mark